Nov 5, 2013

Photo Quality Check Giveaway - What's on Your Camera Roll?

Photo Quality Check
Photo Quality Check App
What method do you use for checking the quality of the images you snap with your iPhone? If you're like me, you just snap away and then later, you review your camera roll and pinch to zoom to check your images. What if there was an app that would allow you to shoot, tap to zoom to quickly inspect your image and save without ever switching screens or digging into your camera roll?

There is and it's called Photo Quality Check. With this app, you can shoot (either with the shutter button or the optional full screen shutter release mode. There's also a timer which can be set at 2, 5, 10 or 20 seconds. My favorite feature is the tap to zoom mode, which is the alternative to the pinch to zoom mode also available in the app. After you shoot an image inside Photo Quality Check app, simply tap the screen to zoom to 100% and check your image. If you like it, you can save it to your camera roll. You also have the ability to check the images already saved on your camera roll.

Sound like something you'd love to have? Keep reading to find out how to enter the GIVEAWAY!

Photo Quality Check
Tap to Zoom with Photo Quality Check

Here's more information from the official Press Release
Photo Quality Check, a simple utility app for all iPhone users that like to evaluate a photo's detail, or need the image to be sharp and focused for print. This may be useful for professionals who use the photos in their work, or users that still like to keep physical photo albums and turn their best photos into posters. 
The app allows to quickly check each photo's detail and sharpness by previewing it at 100% zoom level: each photo's pixel is  matched to each display pixel, both on retina and non-retina displays. It's like a magnifying glass always in your pocket. 
Take photos inside the app with the built-in camera interface, evaluate and save only the good ones to the camera roll. You can also check existing photos from your camera roll or any other photo album.  
The image information window lets you preview the maximum print size of the photo on a standard paper size large enough to print it, either for offset printing at 300dpi, or for digital inkjet or laser printing at 150dpi. By taping on the preview image the user gets the exact maximum advisable print size on the selected measurement unit.  
The version 1.1 update adds compatibility and brings the app interface inline with the new iOS7 flat design. It also adds a visual indicator in the camera interface to the tap-to-focus functionality.  
Photo Quality Check is SmallBlackRooom's debut app, a personal project by a graphic designer and photography enthusiast venturing in iOS development.  
App price: Regular price: $1.99 
See Photo Quality Check in action in the video below:


I have six promo codes to giveaway. Leave a comment below to be eligible and I will conduct a random draw on Friday November 8th to select the six lucky winners!

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