Jan 11, 2014

Crazy Camera Promo Codes

Crazy Camera will be going forever FREE on January 21st, but I've got five promo codes to give away to the first five folks that sign up below - just in case you can't wait to give it a try.

Just leave a comment below and be sure to include contact information and the first five will be sent a promo code. The rest of you...well, only 10 more days and you can get if FREE too!

When I was contacted by Crazy Camera to give their app a try, I wondered what could be new in this app since I already have over 400 editing apps! Well, it turns out there were a few new filters and effects I had never seen before. There's also a Randomizer button to hit to produce a new combination of filters and distortions.

I used a painterly photo from my library and randomized it a few times to come up with some quick versions (below)

Update - All promo codes are spoken for - remember you can download for FREE on January 21st.


  1. mhodges@hotmail.com
    thanks for the promo code!

  2. Commenting on behalf of @sukaye who contacted me thru IG because she was unable to comment.


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