Nov 22, 2015

Kickstarter Campaign - The Magic of LifePrint with Augmented Reality

One of the cool things about blogging at Art of Mob is that I get contacted by the creators of iPhone related gadgets and accessories. When I was approached about LifePrint and introduced to their Kickstarter page I actually said, "WOW!" Not many products provoke that response. I figured if it provided the Wow factor for me, it would be of interest to Art of Mob readers as well. Robert Macauley was kind enough to take some time out from his campaign to answer a few of my questions.

Augmented Reality with LifePrint

What is your affiliation with LifePrint? 

RM:  I’m the founder of the company and the head of product development.

What is LifePrint and how did the idea come about? 

RM:  LifePrint is a socially connected Augmented Reality photo printer for your smartphone that makes your photos come to life like magic in your hands. The idea came about from two main things:

  1. The desire to hold something real in your hands, digital photos have marginalized the important moments that we’re trying to capture transitioning them from being something special to something throw away. We set out to make photos special again. 
  2. The desire to bring photos into the new millennium. With so many online tools for taking and sharing photos, people expect their photos to be social and dynamic, we added our unique social backend and Augmented Reality technology to make photos live up to modern expectations for how memories are captured. 

One thing that sets LifePrint apart from other portable printers is the Augmented Reality - Hyper Photos feature. Please tell me more about that. What devices will allow viewing of Hyper Photos? 

RM:  The Hyperphoto technology will be available on iPhone and Android and it's a really cool almost magical feature that makes your photos come to life in your hands. Everyone is always really blown away by it. They say it’s like Harry Potter or something haha.

How about the paper quality for the photos? Is it comparable to traditional photo print paper? How much will the paper cost? What size are the prints?

RM:  The quality of our photos are actually quite high. We’ve developed photo filters and unique color correcting algorithms within the app to make sure you get a rich quality photo every time, so while it is smaller than traditional photo paper, the quality is really quite good. Paper will cost $20 for a pack of 50 photos, this is in line with other photo printers (and actually cheaper than most portable printers)

One of the features of LifePrint allows you to send photos to printers all over the world. What if I don't want to receive a print from someone? Is there a way to block it?

RM:  Of course! We wouldn’t dream of forcing you to print photos you don’t want to print. This is your printer after all to capture the memories you care about, not to print out photos of your aunt's cats over and over again. We offer multiple privacy and approval settings to make sure you get the experience you want out of it. All photos require your approval before they are printed and if you don’t want anyone sending you photos at all, you can ‘hide’ yourself within the network and then it just becomes your own personal printer without any social aspect to it. We give you that flexibility, it’s really up to you.

Augmented Reality with LifePrint

How does LifePrint integrate with existing social media - Facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc?

RM:  We integrate seamlessly with other social media. FaceBook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, and Twitter are all integrated into our app. This means you don’t have to find photos other places first, save them, and then print them. Just open up the LifePrint app, select your Vine folder and boom, all your Vines are there waiting for you ready to print.

I understand you have a special durable case for GoPro users. Please explain.

RM:  Yeah, we made this product intentionally to be portable. We want you to be able to take it with you to parties and events. That means it might get a little banged up. So we designed a rugged case to protect the printer while you have it with you out and about. And of course the printer will still be able to print even when it has the case on it.

Right now the only way to get a LifePrint is through Kickstarter - what is the expected delivery date for backers?

RM:  We’ll be delivering the product in Summer of next year (2016). Our target is August, but we’re pushing to have it sooner. It depends on funding and production, but we know people will love it once they have it in their hands.

When do you expect the LifePrint to be available for regular purchase online? What is the projected retail price?

RM:  LifePrint is selling on Kickstarter now for $129 and will be available for purchase online in July 2016 after we start shipping to our Kickstarter backers, so I would definitely recommend getting one now so you can be part of the first shipments of product. Retail price is still up in the air, so much of it depends on how much places like Apple and Best Buy charge for us to be on their shelves. But I can say with confidence that we won’t be higher than $149.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

RM:  We all need a little more magic in our lives, hopefully LifePrint can bring just a little bit to yours :)

LifePrint on Kickstarter

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